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"Do You Know That According To Bloomberg More Millionaires Have Been Made In The Stock Market Than From Any Other Source?

And You Too - Even If Your Are A
Can Learn The Stock Trading Secrets To
Extract Money Consistently And Safely
With Just A Laptop And An Internet Connection!"


From: Aaron Sim

Dear Friend

My name is Aaron Sim, CEO of Wealth Mentors.

If you have always wanted to make tons of money by profiting from the stock market..... making an extra $5,000.00...$8,000.00... even $15,000.00 or MORE each month...

... Then this may be the moment you are waiting for!

Because right now, our chief trainer a.k.a. Millionaire Trader, Mirriam MacWilliams is going to show you her insider secrets to

--- keep making profits with low risks and very high returns in the stock market

--- regardless if the market is going up, heading down or moving sideways

--- with as little as 30 minutes a day!


stock market seminar coaching


Still skeptical?

Check out her phenomenal trading results and her media interviews!


Online Options Trading Success 1

How to turn $7,766.81 to $23,345.74 profits...
or 301% returns in just 15 days!

Options Trading Proof

With an average capital US$7,766, Mirriam generated US$23,345.74 profits in just 15 days in 1 month!

  • Number of Trades = 10

  • Number of Winning Trades = 7

  • Average Trade Size = $7,766.81

  • Profits Generated = $ 23,345.74

  • Returns on Investment = 301% in 15 days!

(For reference only)


Online Options Trading Success 2

How to turn US$2185.00 to US$7425.88. That's a whopping US$5240.88
240% profits in 21 days!

Options Trading Proofs


(For reference only)


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Channel News Asia - Mirriam MacWilliams and Wealth Mentors

Interview with Mirriam MacWilliams
Channel News Asia
Recession Proof Your Life


NTV7 - Mirriam MacWilliams and Wealth Mentors

Interview with Mirriam MacWilliams
NTV7 Malaysia Breakfast Show


Channel News Asia - Mirriam MacWilliams and Wealth Mentors

Interview with Mirriam MacWilliams

Channel NewsAsia TV
Do Men And Women Invest Differently?



Mirriam has taught THOUSANDS of people in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Indonesia -- with NO special financial background or trading experience...

Her students will tell you that she holds nothing back in sharing with you the secrets of her success.


Stock Market Lessons


Options Trading Success Stories

Options Trading Course Winners? longdesc=
(For reference only)



Before you read on... I want you to review the Top 3 Reasons you might NOT register for our live Smart Traders training today.

The reason I’m doing this upfront is because I want to get your resistance out of the way so you don’t self-sabotage by not taking action now.  So based on the feedback and my experience, here are the 3 most common reasons for resistance…



3 Common Reasons Why
You May Resist this Life-Changing Training

Resistance Reason #1: "Does anybody really make money?"

  Aaron's response to stock market investing

My wife, Tracy and I were trapped in our desk-bound jobs and we felt financially insecure, especially when we past our expiry dates... oh well, you know, when you are over 40 years :(

We sold a property in Malaysia to set up a fund for our investment education.

After paying almost US$82,000 for courses, airfares, hotel lodging etc learning from many wealth coaches in US, we were still losing money in the stock market.

Yes, that is painful...

Then someone introduced us to Mirriam MacWilliams, based in Florida.

It wasn't easy as the coaching was done through countless overseas phone calls and emails.

You could understand my joy when I finally mastered her system!

I am extremely grateful to her for sharing with me how she has invested in the stock market profitably, consistently and safely.

She has given me the honour to fire my boss, quit my 6-figure annual salary as a Finance Director with Unisys to trade full-time!

Up till today, I still thank her for "liberating" me from my desk-bound job :)

How good is Mirriam MacWilliams?

1) She is a self-made millionaire. She made over US$2 million in less than 2 years in the stock market with a starting capital of only US$10,000.

2) She is the former National Director of Education of the 14,000 members strong US Investors Club.

3) She is so good that she appeared on Channel NewsAsia TV Primetime Morning shows 9 times! She has been featured in many newspapers, radio and television networks in Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


 Mirriam MacWilliams Trader in the media


Our graduates have benefited tremendously from Mirriam's generous teachings...

But don't take my word for it.  Just listen to what our graduates have to say:



This Graphic Designer Got A Bigger House And A New Car!

"By April of 2009 (using 2 of Mirriam MacWilliams’s strategies) we were able to move to a beautiful downtown loft with ocean views and almost 3 times the amount of space.

...I was able to purchase with cash from only 2 trades using Mirriam’s short term strategy my 1st convertible (car)!"

- Sunny Burger, Graphic Designer


This Financial Planner Made US$22,000!

"I went live in February. Within two weeks of going live I had taken 5 trades. Three have been exited. Two positive exits PCP & GOOG and, one negative LZ. Overall, I was up over USD20,000. Started account with USD46,000 so how it's at USD66,000 approximately. "

-Pedro Robert, Financial Planner


(For reference only)


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Resistance Reason #2: "Aaron, you must be kidding... it's too expensive. I can find cheaper courses outside."

Aaron's response to stock market investing

Yes. I agree we are not cheap and I won't apologise for that :)

Your time and your life savings are precious.

Can you afford wasting your time and making costly mistakes moving around to find the right teacher?

Many of our students came from other courses and they told us that they wished they could have come to us first. They could not get support from the other trainers, which are usually a one-man show, and worse still, only reply through emails with no live interaction.

Some were very frustrated that they could not get started even after spending thousands of dollars.

You have to be careful of courses which attract you with a low price, only to offer some expensive proprietary trading software in which you must invest substantially if you want to effectively trade their strategies.

Well, our members don't face these problems :)

Just read what Delphina Teo has to share about her personal experience:


Successful Investing Testimonials

"I have spent thousands of dollars in other stock market seminars and did not understand much or how to get started. That's why I didn't take action at all. In Mirriam's seminar, she made it very easy to understand and I have learnt more in one day than any other seminars. She gave me the confidence. I have since taken action by trying out on paper trading to gain the experience and participated in the Trading Team. You really need a coach or a mentor to guide you to be successful. I strongly recommend Mirriam's seminar to anyone with or without trading knowledge."

- Delphina Teo, Singapore

(For reference only)

Smart Traders Program

You will kick-start our training with an intensive live interactive seminar with Mirriam MacWilliams. This is a powerful experience designed to equip you with practical and effective knowledge.

We teach skills and strategies where you can take action immediately!

There are no boring theories
or history lessons :)

You'll realise how fascinating and profitable trading is - when you know how and using a simple formula!


Click the play button for a sneak preview of the
Smart Traders training program:

What You Learn At The Live Training:

How you can trade on the very lucrative US stock market right from the comfort of your home
Leverage your small capital on options profitably... regardless if market moves up, down or sideways
The skills of picking the right stocks from the 10,000 listed companies on the US stock exchanges
Check any company’s fundamentals in 30 seconds
Learn the few simple but highly-reliable technical indicators to trade successfully!
How to use market price action to your advantage
How to look at any chart for favourable setups
Calculate your profit target to exit your trade at the right time with the maximum returns
How to protect your capital safely
Risk management, discipline and psychology
Real-life case studies to reinforce your trading skills
How you can paper trade your way safely to success.
How to prepare yourself before the market opens
Develop a successful money management blueprint so that you can be your own fund manager
And tons more...

"No One Left Behind!"
is one of our founding principles.

Our experienced team leaders will be on-site to help you throughout the training. They are specially handpicked from our past batches of graduates to answer any questions you may have!  

This is a big family.

We are here to help one another and have fun together!

Coaches on how to trade options

Lunch with Stock Market Traders and Coach

Options trading course team leaders

stock market program team leaders

The Team Leaders in Asia... active traders hand-picked to assist the new graduates.

When Mirriam first started learning trading in the 90s, she lost a lot of money despite spending US$32,000 on seminars and software.

After having gone through the frustrations, she decided that it would be a good idea if other investors did not need to go through the same painful process as she did.

She has carefully designed and constructed a complete program that is designed to help anyone to generate a safe and consistent income under any market conditions - whether the market goes up, down or sideways - it does not matter!

She wants you to be successful!

Don't believe me? Here are what some of our members have to say about Mirriam MacWilliams:


This Doctor Says Mirriam Is Like An Angel... Truly Committed To Your Success!

"Mirriam is like an angel... I don't know a better way of putting it! Her heart is so big... I'm deeply grateful to her for being so truly committed to our success!"

- Dr Marah Cannon, Chiropractor


Sherry Is Impressed With Mirriam's Integrity And Commitment To Create True Wealth!

"Mirriam & Aaron's commitment to their students is exceptional. Mirriam's strategies are a great gift to all of us, full of integrity and her commitment to create true wealth."

- Sherry Cox, Canada


This Engineer Benefits Tremendously From Our Support!

"I attend the support sessions regularly and picked up even more knowledge (new strategies, tips, judgment etc). So in a way, the learning never stops unless I choose to stop.

Mirriam, Aaron and his team of dedicated trainers and mentors are always ready to help... so that all their students can be successful, believing that there are abundant wealth for all around."

- Lim Kong Hiong, Engineer

(For reference only)


Free stock trading seminar registration


Resistance Reason #3: "I am a total newbie with no financial background... it will be very difficult and I am not sure if I can catch up."

Aaron's response to stock market investing

If you are a newbie, I like to congratulate you!

Many of our members joined our program as complete newbies.

It's actually easier to start off with a clean slate as you learn from Mirriam the good habits of a successful trader.

Seasoned traders, on the other hand, may take a longer time to unlearn bad habits that are already deeply ingrained.

As long as you know how to send emails and surf the internet, you will be fine. We've got housewives, florists and students who did very well in this program.

You only need to have the desire to learn.

After coaching over 7,000 members in USA and Asia, we have perfected the coaching program to a science - turning a complex subject like options trading to an easy-to-follow curriculum.

learn options trading class

Mirriam doesn't teach complicated high-risk or low-profit obsolete strategies found in textbooks.

She will share with you her innermost secrets in a step-by-step blueprint so that any newbie can understand:

  • Perfect for beginners!

  • As little as 30 minutes... You don't have to stay up whole night!

  • You learn exactly when to enter and exit the market... no guesswork!

  • No need to analyse excessive reports, data, technical charts or financial news

  • No exposure to extreme risk!

Mirriam wants you to learn good money management skills and how to preserve your capital. She wants all her students to trade virtually on paper before putting live money on the line.

In a nutshell, she cares!

Just see what some of our "newbies" graduates have to say:



This Business Owner, A Newbie, Turned US$5,000 To US$7,000 In 7 Weeks!

"I am a business owner. I joined Wealth Mentors because the training is so easy. I never traded options before and I am glad with the results. I have turned US$5000 to US$11,000 in 7 weeks..."

-Thomas Pendi,  Business Owner


Boyd's Account  Was Up 108%... Now He Is Having Fun In The Evenings To Make Money For His Retirement Fund!

"I do not have any trading experience in the stock market. By end Dec, my account was 108% gain with just an average of 2-3 contracts per trade.

This may not sound to be too great with many people but I think is quite a good achievement for newbies like me.

Now I am able to keep my full time job and have fun in the evening to make more money for my retirement fund."

-Boyd Sheum, Management


Anna Made 53% Profit From Her First Virtual Trade!

"I did my first virtual trade last night... actually I haven't even finished my course, but just follow Mirriam's strategies for broader market and I did the trade... and I already made 53% profit already from $1.30 to $2!... I am so excited... it REALLY WORKS!"

- Anna Au Yeung, Hong Kong


(For reference only)


Free stock trading seminar registration


Isn't it time you start doing something you love and start creating wealth in the stock market?  

Mirriam and the students are doing it right now!


Options trading success and proof

Here's a case study of how Mirriam coached a 19-year old teenager from scratch to profit US$4,052.00 or 202.6% in 15 days...with 90% accuracy!

stock trading account proof


(For reference only)


Mirriam will show you how to start part-time, and build towards making investing a full-time business, if that is your goal.

She has taught thousands of participants the techniques that have made them successful in the stock and options markets.

 stock investment course groups


Here's The Cost Of Not Investing In
This Powerful Trading System...

Some people may tell you that it's possible to take the principles you've learned in books and free forums to develop your own method.

Without knowing if the information is obsolete or half-truths, you would need to read a ton of books and comb through massive information on the Internet to find your magic bullet... 

You would also need to invest days, months and years researching, testing and perfecting various methods!

Many people struggle for years, and still can't turn a profit on their trading account. Instead they lost hundreds and thousands of dollars in the markets trying to self-learn without a mentor or a good trading plan.

I know because I've gone through that painful journey.

It's demoralizing and pathetic.

In my opinion, paying for a good and reliable education is less costly than paying for the losing trades.

And it's quicker!

Imagine... you arm yourself with a battle-tested proven blueprint from the right mentor BEFORE you even start trading.

You benefit from the mistakes that others have made so that you can avoid them right away, without having to learn with your live capital.


You Need To Make A Decision... Right Now!

Ultimately you have to make a decision:

Do nothing is probably the easiest way out... but do you know that this is an expensive decision as inflation will continue to eat away your hard-earned life savings? You go back to what you are doing and could wind up working 40, 50, or even 60+ hours a week, and only generate a few lousy dollars here and there...
Learn on your own but you may lose a lot more money in your trial-and-error trades. You can travel the long and winding road like the 1,000s of "wannabe" traders who keep banging their heads against the wall.
Invest upfront one time in Mirriam's solid profitable system delivered to you in a silver platter.  The money you invest is just a fraction of what you pay for a diploma or degree education... and it can potentially earn you thousands of dollars more, month after month... FOREVER!

If learning how to make a passive income, even when you are asleep, is your financial goal.... then you absolutely need to take action so that you can potentially change your life forever!

Ready to trade smartly, safely and independently?  

Stop wasting another moment, join the Smart Traders today!


To your trading success

Wealth Mentors Coach - Aaron Sim

Aaron Sim, CEO

P.S. You owe it to yourself by finding out how this training can get you closer to your dream for true financial independence.... grab your priority seat at our professional content-rich FREE intro seminar here!

P.P.S. I believe this is the best value you'll ever see in a complete, step-by-step trading program... Register Now!


Free stock trading seminar registration




Disclaimer: The Seminar is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any investment product(s) or amount to any regulated activities. Investors are advised to seek independent advice before investing in any investment product(s) or adopting any investment strategies.








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