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Mirriam MacWilliam, Aaron Sim and Wealth Mentors in media
Interview with Mirriam MacWilliams MediaCorp News Radio 938 LIVE
(Repeat Broadcast on Channel NewsAsia TV)

Topics Covered:

  • You are a self-made millionaire through trading and the investments you've made. What can you attribute your success to?
  • Some people seek to 'get rich quickly'? Does it work that way or does wealth-building take time?
  • There are inherent risks in dabbling in the stock market, so what cautionary word do you have for listeners?
  • What philosophies guard and guide how you invest/trade?
  • Merrill Lynch did a study and results show that women make better investors than men. Did you find that surprising?
  • Why do women make better investors?
  • Closing thoughts and tips to investing wisely
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